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Hiring a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) service is the best way to get accurate information about underground utilities and other subsurface structures in your area. Sentry Mapping is here to provide you with GPR services prices that are unbeatable. We offer some of the most competitive GPR services on the market, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Hire an Expert GPR Company for Great Results

What does it cost to hire a GPR company? What is the price for GPR services? These are questions that we hear all the time. The response, of course, varies depending on what you need and how complex your site is. 

We offer a wide variety of GPR surveys and services for burial plots, private utilities, and more. Our GPR service costs are competitively priced to ensure our clients receive the best value and service possible.

Get the Most from Your GPR Service with Sentry Mapping

Our GPR system allows our team of field technicians to perform a geophysical method of site characterization and imaging. This GPR technique uses radar pulses to accurately map the subsurface landscape. GPR can detect anomalies in soils such as graves, storage tanks, pipes, concrete structures, or cables that may not be visible from the surface. 

Our team offers a number of GPR services to clients all across the United States.  Our GPR services are performed by highly qualified field technicians that provide clients with accurate information about the subsurface environment in their area.

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GPR Private Utility Locating Cost

Sentry Mapping offers GPR Private Utility Locating services to pick up where 811 leaves off. Our technology is very effective at finding underground utilities, providing a detailed report of what was found.

We offer retainer rates to municipalities that help relieve a little of that burden of what to do in the future. We are here to help whenever your municipality is digging and needs to find utility services. We will provide a final map with all of the found utilities, as well as a detailed explanation of our findings to ensure accuracy and understanding.

  • Underground Utility Locating
  • Subsurface Utility Maps
  • Utility Line Location Services

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Cemetery GPR Mapping Cost

For Cemetery GPR Mapping Services we offer a variety of options to meet your needs and budget. We offer GPR mapping services for both private and public cemeteries and our service pricing depends on how much land will need to be covered. 

Our GPR can pick up details below the surface to accurately map the cemetery grounds, and can even identify unmarked gravesites. We provide a high-quality service that allows you to view your property exactly how it appears underground, with the option of exporting straight into CAD reports if needed. 

  • Cemetery Mapping Services 
  • Cemetery Drafting Services
  • Cemetery Survey Services

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GPR Burial Plot Map Costs

Sentry Mapping also offers GPR Burial Plot Map services which are used to map the location of graves at both private and public cemeteries across the country. We use a highly accurate GPR system that can map both marked and unmarked graves.

Our GPR technology has the ability to clearly identify grave boundaries in addition to any memorials or other items at each site. Our services will provide you with clear, precise data from which a CAD drawing of your cemetery grounds can be rendered. 

  • Unmarked Grave Locating
  • Nondestructive Testing
  • Burial Plot Map Services

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Save Time and Money With Our GPR Services

Sentry Mapping is an expert GPR company that specializes in Burial Plot Mapping, GPR Cemetery Mapping, Private Utility Locating with GPR, as well as other GPR surveying services. While certain issues including soil conditions may cause minor challenges with our GPR technology, we provide extremely accurate GPR services for our clients.

Our GPR technicians are highly trained professionals who hold years of experience working for both private businesses as well as public agencies including municipalities, counties, and more.

Need a GPR Service? Call Sentry Mapping Today!

With extensive knowledge of our technology’s capabilities along with refined skill sets provided by continued training sessions throughout each year, our team provides peace of mind knowing you’re backed up by an expert team when choosing Sentry Mapping for your GPR needs!

Reach out to our team of experts today to learn more about how we can help you and get an estimate on your project today.