Cemetery GPR Mapping Costs Explained

If your cemetery does not have a map of its grounds, then you are missing out on so much information! With Sentry Map’s Cemetery GPR Cemetery Mapping services, we can create an accurate map for your cemetery’s marked and unmarked graves! This gives your patrons the opportunity to find who they are looking for with ease and accuracy.

The GPS and GPR Profile of Your Cemetery

How much does cemetery GPR mapping cost?  This is a question that many people in the funeral industry ask themselves. The answer varies depending on what type of map you need. Cemetery Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) mapping has become a popular and necessary service for many cemeteries. 

This is because it allows the cemetery managers to know the exact location of any grave in their acreage so that people looking for their loved ones’ final resting places can find them quickly. Also, with an accurate map of your cemetery, you are able to make informed choices about planning for the future of your cemetery.

The cost of Sentry Mapping’s Cemetery GPR services will depend on a number of factors including how much land needs to be scanned and mapped, the soil conditions, terrain, and more.

Why Do Cemeteries Need Cemetery GPR Mapping?

The need to have a map of your cemetery is becoming increasingly important. This is because cemeteries are not just places where the dead rest in peace, they also serve as gathering locations for families who want to visit their loved ones’ grave sites. Additionally, our GPR system allows cemetery managers to properly plan for expansions and more.

Cemetery GPR Maps can help with

  • Navigating the vast and often confusing landscape of a large cemetery ensuring that it is easy to find each burial location without issue.
  • Locating unmarked graves where the GPR data notates void underground where burial remains may be and marking the location.
  • Ensuring all available acreage is properly utilized with no wasted space. Real Estate is a commodity and you want to ensure the best use of the land.

Identify and Map Each Burial Site in Your Cemetery

GPR works by emitting radio waves. These radio waves travel through the ground and bounce back when they hit an object, such as a metal grave marker or coffin. This information is then displayed in real-time on our mapping system and then rendered into a user-friendly map so cemetery managers can see exactly where each burial site is located with ease, when completed we provide you with a cemetery burial plot map.

black and white image of tomb stones lined up

Is your cemetery ready for the future of locating gravesites with Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)?

Choose the Right Cemetery GPR Mapping Company for Your Needs

Once you have gotten your pricing for cemetery GPR mapping, the next step is to find a company that can provide this service. You may be tempted to choose the first company you call but there are factors that should be taken into account before making a decision about which company will meet your needs best. These factors include experience, timeliness, efficiency, and more.

With Sentry’s Cemetery GPR Mapping service, we can make and create an accurate map of your cemetery so that you are able to properly maintain and manage it. This important information will be delivered in the form of a clear, easy-to-read document ready for sharing with others.

Cemetery GPR Mapping: How Much Does it Cost?

Sentry Mapping offers Cemetery GPR Mapping services at $2200-$4300/acre, depending on topography, soil conditions, and more. Your total price will depend on the amount of land needing to be scanned and mapped with an accurate cemetery map of your cemetery, your patrons are able to know the exact location of the grave they are searching for with little to no hassle!

Cemetery GPR mapping is a cost-effective way to keep your cemetery up to date. With the help of our professional Cemetery GPR Mapping, you can pinpoint gravesites and other important features with accuracy. If you are looking for an affordable option for cemetery mapping, utility locating, ground-penetrating radar surveys, and more, then Sentry Mapping’s GPR services are right for you.

Reach out to the Sentry Mapping team today to learn more about our services and how we can help you. Contact us now for a free estimate!