GPR Cemetery Burial Plot Map

Locating Cemetery Burial Plots with GPR

Burial plot maps assist cemetery managers with planning and development of the memorial grounds. They also provide a clear and concise way for guests to find their loved one’s final resting places in real time. 

Unfortunately, due to missing or incorrect records, most cemetery burial plot maps were created without accurate records. This can cause some major issues ranging from wasted space to double sold plots.

Cemetery with headstones, mapping equipment, and a building

What Are Cemetery Burial Plot Maps?

Cemetery plot maps break down the acreage of a memorial garden into sections making it easier to navigate for visitors and helps cemetery administrators manage the space efficiently. Unfortunately, these maps are often highly inexact by nature. 

They often show the general area where a grave is located within the cemetery. Creating a cemetery plot map with Sentry Mapping’s expert location and cemetery mapping services ensures each grave is easy to locate and accurately marked.

Screenshot of cemetery web map showing gravesites over an aerial image of the property.
cemetery in the snow with GPR equipment

Burial Plot Mapping with GPR

Accurate burial plot maps allow cemetery managers to better predict the number of graves a certain area can hold. They also protect against unfortunate mistakes due to poor record-keeping. Double sold plots have been occurring more and more in recent years. However, this is a problem that can be prevented with GPR mapping of cemetery grounds that determines the exact location of each burial. 

Mapping Unmarked Burials with GPR

Accurate burial plot maps allow cemetery managers to better predict the number of graves a certain area can hold and find a grave easily when needed. They also protect against unfortunate mistakes due to poor record-keeping from past owners. 

Double sold plots have been occurring more and more in recent years. However, this is a problem that can be prevented with a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)  scan of cemetery grounds. GPR scans determine the exact location of each individual grave and create a map with identified locations that are available for purchase.

Aerial view of a cemetery plot map
GPR equipment and a headstone

Ground Penetrating Radar Surveys for Cemeteries

Sentry Mapping uses a Global Positioning System (GPS) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems to scan cemetery grounds and detect burial sites. Locating unmarked graves consists of correctly reading the display and identifying a void. 

Unmarked graves usually happen when a headstone is placed incorrectly or was damaged and never replaced at some point in the past. These graves can cause major issues for cemetery managers if they are not located and marked accurately.

Reading GPR Data for Cemetery Maps

The data that is displayed on the GPR receiver can be complicated to interpret without the proper training. Certain materials found in the soil can alter the reflection of the GPR’s signal which can complicate the data’s interpretation. The qualified technicians at Sentry Mapping are highly trained in deciphering these signals with the highest level of accuracy.

Sentry Mapping will assist in combining existing maps with the new cemetery burial plot map completed with GPR to fully update your cemetery’s records.

Digital cemetery map

A 150+ year-old historic cemetery faced a significant challenge: it had no records or maps of its burial sites. This lack of documentation left the caretakers unsure about the availability of space for new burials, raising concerns about the preservation of the cemetery’s heritage and the respect due to those interred.

Sentry Mapping Services stepped in with a comprehensive approach to solve the cemetery’s challenges. Utilizing advanced Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology, the team meticulously scanned the entire area to locate unmarked graves. This thorough investigation was followed by the creation of a detailed map that not only marked every known burial but also included names, birth and death dates, creating a rich tapestry of the cemetery’s history. To complement this, Sentry Mapping provided a clickable and searchable web map, making navigation and management effortless for the caretakers—all at no additional cost.

Thanks to Sentry Mapping’s expertise, the cemetery now has a clear understanding of its layout and capacity for future burials. This newfound knowledge ensures that every inch of sacred ground is used respectfully and efficiently, honoring the memory of those at rest. Moreover, the digital tools provided have secured the cemetery’s heritage for future generations, making it easier for families and historians to connect with their past. The once uncertain terrain of the cemetery is now a carefully mapped and cherished space, its legacy preserved and its management streamlined.

Sentry Mapping surveyed and mapped three cemeteries in our small community. It was amazing how many unknown graves were found, many dating as far back as the 1800s. The older cemeteries had rocks and pieces of wood for grave markers that had been moved or lost over the years. With the help of Sentry Mapping our community was able to put a permanent marker where each grave was located. We were very pleased with Sentry Mapping. They did a fantastic job and I would recommend them to anyone who needs this service.
– Joseph F.
We hired Sentry Mapping to locate my great-grandfather’s grave which was without a marker for more than 100 years. Due to a lack of cemetery documentation, our new memorial was placed in his guardian family’s plot; however, we could not rest until we were sure we had found his actual resting place. Sentry Mapping located Fred and the cemetery now recognizes his burial in their documents. It is a huge relief to know we got it right! His life needed this celebration, and we needed the peace of closure. Thank you so much, Benton, we truly appreciate all that you did for our family!
– Thomas S.
I couldn’t be happier with my experience working with Sentry Mapping for remapping our cemetery! They made the whole process so painless and easy- Benton was so easy to communicate with and was a HUGE help in cleaning up a giant mess. Thank you so much for your services!
– Stepanie S.

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