GPR Private Utility Locating Costs Explained

Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) are the primary tool utilized in locating utilities underground. GPR private locators at Sentry Mapping can help you find any kind of subsurface utility including buried electrical wires, water pipes, gas lines, fiber optic cables, storm drains, and much more. 

Private & Public Utility Locator Services

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is an advanced non-destructive scanning technology that uses high-frequency radar pulses to identify underground utility lines. Public and private utilities can be hard to accurately locate and mark. In fact, they are often unmarked on survey drawings of properties. 

Sentry Mapping provides a full range of reporting options from marks on the ground to a detailed AutoCAD report that identifies all types of anomalies with pinpoint accuracy. We offer private utility locating services that will help you find private utility lines on your property. The cost for these services varies depending on how much land you need to be scanned, and a few other factors.

It is required by law to call the 811 hotline when working on projects that involve excavation. Sentry Mapping steps in where 811 leaves off.

Why Hire a Private Utility Locating Company?

A private utility locator’s services are needed to identify buried utilities when you are digging. This can help you avoid costly mistakes before they happen, such as not having enough space between your building and a gas line or digging too close to an electrical line that could affect the structure of your property. Additionally, knowing the exact location of buried utilities can help you avoid errors that could seriously harm, or even kill someone.

Private Utility Locating Companies can

  • Locate a diverse range of utility lines including water, power, gas, communications, sewage, and more.
  • Map the exact location of underground utility lines in an easy-to-understand AutoCAD rendering.
  • Save your project’s timeline and budget by helping to avoid costly & dangerous digging mistakes. 
picture of two men using GPR equipment

Understand What’s Below the Ground Before You Dig

Utility companies, private and public, are required by law to mark utility lines before any type of excavation can take place. However, when private utilities such as irrigation systems or gas line extensions aren’t marked on the property survey map this leaves homeowners, business owners, and city planners with very little information about what is buried below their land.

Sentry Mapping helps private property owners understand what’s below their land. We offer private utility locating services that will help you find private utility lines on your property, which can be used to avoid costly mistakes before they happen such as not having enough space between the building and a water line or slicing through a fiber optic cable.

How Much Does it Cost to Locate Utilities With Ground Penetrating Radar?

The cost for private utility locating services varies depending on how much land you need to be scanned. Sentry Mapping charges an hourly rate of $250 for this service. Municipalities are offered retainer packages that can save money in the long run. Municipality retainers require a minimum of 40 hours per year and our clients are encouraged to make this service part of their annual budget.

Sentry Mapping Is the Best Choice for Your Next Project

Sentry Mapping is a leading provider of private utility locating services. Our team has the expertise and experience you need to find your private utility lines on your property with an accuracy that can’t be matched by other providers in our industry, which ensures you know exactly what’s below your land before it becomes a problem for you or someone else. 

Reach out for a free estimate for your next project from one of our experts at Sentry Mapping. We provide GPR and GIS solutions for cities and cemeteries with unmatched cemetery mapping services and cemetery burial plot mapping we are sure to complete your next project with the highest satisfaction. Learn more about how we can help protect your investment and get started today!